LED Light Features

energy saving

Compared with conventional light sources LEDs can reduce energy consumption by up to 80%, thereby helping to reduce CO2 emmisions. LEDs are highly efficient, have an extremely long lifetime and require very little maintenance.

LEDs are ready to deliver optimized energy savings. Light -exactly the level you want, using only the energy you need.

With a broad range of LED boards and highly efficient drivers, LEDs enables you to achieve exactly the right light level, especially for refurbishment projects. This means you consume no more than the energy you actually need.

Time Saving

The modularity of LEDs makes servicing simple and straightforward. The LED Eegine and driver can be replaced easily in a very short space of time. Our thermal Management provides best operating conditions for LEDs.

success plan


Long Life 50K hours

Lower Life Cycle Cost

LED Design Flexibility

Greater Design Flexibility

Various Colors available

Instant On

Dimming & Intelligent control.

No RI and UV

Wide range of CCT and CRI

eco friendly world

Environmental Efficient Technology Friendly

High efficiency

Due to directional source.

Due to high L/W of LED.

Low voltage

No Mercury

Less waste creation due to long life.

Less carbon emission

Comparison With Conventional Lighting

Environmental Impact Comparison
Light Emitting Diodes
Compact Fluorescents Lamps
Incandescent Light
Contains the Toxic Mercury No No Yes- Mercury is very toxic
RoHS Compliant Yes Yes No-Contains 1-5mg of Mercury
Co2 Emission (30 Bulb Per Year) 451Pounds/year 4500 pounds/year 1051 pounds/year
Sensitivity Towards Low Temp. None Some Yes
Sensitive Towards Humidity No Some Yes
On/OFF Cycling (Swtiching The CFL ON-OFF Quickly
  In Closest For Instance, May Decrease Life Span of Bulb.)
No Effect Some Yes
Turns on instantly Yes Yes No
Durability Very Durable Not Very Durable Not Very Durable
Heat Emitted 3.4 btu's / Hrs. 85 btu's / Hrs. 30 btu's / Hrs.
Failure Modes Not Typical Some Yes-May Catch Fire or Smoke